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Security - Computer, Network, Internet

"Emerging international crime-related issues most probably will accompany the unification of Europe http://www.larryblakeley.com/global_government_technology_initiatives/European_Union/european_union_lisbon.htm. These issues include industrial espionage (competitive intelligence), economic/political espionage, expansion of international organized crime beyond traditional areas, and theft of technological hardware."
David L. Carter, "Computer Crime Categories," http://www.larryblakeley.com/security_computer_network/computer_crime_categories.htm FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, Volume 64, Issue 7, Start Page 21, Dated July, 1995, ISSN: 00145688

"After trying to convince you that I cannot be trusted, I wish to moralize. I would like to criticize the press in its handling of the "hackers," the 414 gang, the Dalton gang, etc. The acts performed by these kids are vandalism at best and probably trespass and theft at worst. It is only the inadequacy of the criminal code that saves the hackers from very serious prosecution. The companies that are vulnerable to this activity (and most large companies are very vulnerable) are pressing hard to update the criminal code."
- Reflections on Trusting Trust by Ken Thompson, Reprinted from Communication of the ACM, Vol. 27, No. 8, August 1984, pp. 761-763 http://www.acm.org/classics/sep95/

Hacker Manifesto http://www.larryblakeley.com/security_computer_network/hacker_manifesto.htm

Firewalls and Internet Security http://www.larryblakeley.com/experts/firewalls_and_internet_security.htm