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Larry Blakeley Associates (http://www.larryblakeley.com)
Dallas, Texas. April, 1998 – Current

Startup company that provides server-based, software application management services. These software programs reside on servers located at facilities with specialized features for the safe storage of data and continuous uptime to the customer. All updates to the software is entirely controlled and managed by computer personnel. The applications are all web-based. This means they are accessed by our clients over the internet from any location - without requiring the hardware, software program, or data to be located on the accessing client. All that is needed is an internet connection and a web browser.

In addition to this I still maintain some oil and gas accounts by providing full featured” oil and gas mineral and leasehold management services ranging from lease negotiation, drafting of industry related documents, as needed, division order processing, document imaging and digital records administration., revenue accounting, joint interest billing, ownership reports, and other general administrative functions associated with the ownership of oil and gas mineral and leasehold estates.

Overview of Oil and Gas Services http://www.larryblakeley.com/oil_gas_services.htm

NationsBank of Texas, N.A.
Dallas, Texas. April 1994 – April 1998. As a property manager/vice president for the Oil and Gas Group I was responsible for the overall administration of all types of oil and gas properties located in various states. This involved the negotiation of oil and gas leases, the processing of revenue (bonuses, delay rentals, production proceeds, etc.) and any other land related function required in the management of such properties.

Vaughn Petroleum, Inc.
Dallas, Texas. February 1988 - November 1993. I was responsible for the administration, management and maintenance of all of Vaughn's leasehold, mineral and royalty properties located in Canada, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, New Mexico, Montana, Louisiana, and Arkansas. In addition I was responsible for drafting participation, operating, and farmout agreements and all other land related projects, as needed.

Pursue Land Service
Dallas, Texas. February 1987 - February 1988. January 1984 - September 1984.
Abilene, Texas. September 1984 - February 1987. I provided contract land brokerage and in house “due diligence” services to oil and gas companies. The title research and acquisition of oil and gas leases involved lands in East, South Central and Central West Texas, South Arkansas, North and South Louisiana, Northwest Oklahoma and East New Mexico.

Cenergy Exploration Company
Dallas, Texas. September 1982 - January 1984. As Cenergy's Joint Venture Landman, I negotiated, reviewed and drafted changes to farmout, joint venture and operating agreements relative to properties in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and North Louisiana.

Supron Energy Corporation
Dallas, Texas. March 1980 - May 1982. As Supron's Area Landman, I employed and worked directly with as many as twenty-five (25) brokers purchasing substantial leasehold acreage positions in East Texas, South Arkansas, North Louisiana and Central Mississippi and negotiated farmout, farmin, operating and joint venture agreements. In May 1982 Supron merged with Union Texas Petroleum Corporation and Florida Exploration Company. May 1982 - September 1982. I performed various contract land work for Florida Exploration Company and Sedco Energy Corporation.

McAlester Fuel Company
Magnolia, Arkansas. January 1978 - March 1980. As a Junior Landman I administered various aspects of the Land Department's overall operations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mid-Continent and the Rocky-Mountain regions - from setting up leases to summarizing/briefing farmout, operating and joint venture agreements as to the legal rights and obligations created thereby. Occasionally I ran title and purchased leases in South Arkansas.


University of Texas. Austin, Texas. June 1975 - December 1977.
Degree: B.B.A. GPA: Management - 3.6
Southwest Texas State University. San Marcos, Texas. June 1974-
May 1975. September 1972 - December 1972.
Rotan High School. Rotan, Texas. May 1972.