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They serve a fundamental and useful purpose.

They are inexpensive enough for people to afford.

And I perceive them to be worth the price.

Criteria for Information Management System




A synopsis of a complete web-based system for capturing, creating, sharing, and managing documents and information can be found at this Web page .

Document, Image, and Data File Creation, Manipulation, Presentation, and Recording

Create text

Create Images

Create Database and Images

On-Demand Application Streaming and Management

Distribution, Communication, Retrieval, Location, Organization and Recording of Documents, Images, and Data Files

Desktop "On-Ramp" to Xerox's DocuShare

Personal Web Presence for Digital Library

Electronic Internet Transmission (Email) and Security

Email and Security

Network Appliances

Enterprise Grade Mobile Workforce Software

Enterprise Grade Mobile Workforce Hardware

Server Hardware

Software for Hosting

Storage Hardware