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With exponential growth rates and increases in the size and complexity of data retrieved, the



ance of the web as a communication medium and essential part of business life cannot be underestimated. Accompanying this however, are higher expectations of the experience the web will deliver, and with it the business critical challenges of availability and performance, to ensure customers come back time after time. The real challenge is therefore around web infrastructure that will deliver scalability, performance, reliability and security and prevent down time costing billions of dollars in lost sales.

Trusted by major players throughout the industry, such as eBay, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and UUNET, Zeus Technology have been designing and deploying infrastructure solutions renowned as best-of-breed in performance, since 1995. Zeus combines software design with comprehensive consultancy and support services for business critical Internet applications.

Zeus Web Server is the most scalable, high-performance web server software available, underpinning business-critical solutions for the world's leading web hosting, content provider and secure e-commerce companies. Flexible web-based management, extensive integration capabilities, and the most comprehensive range of features available from commercial server software, combine to provide fully extensible and future-proof web-based solutions.

Zeus Load Balancer is a powerful traffic management solution for providers of clustered network services such as web or mail. Zeus Load Balancer improves the performance, reliability and scalability of TCP/IP based network services such as web, mail, news, ftp and database protocols, through a combination of content-aware traffic management, performance and health monitoring, and automatic fail-over in the event of hardware or software failure. Zeus Load Balancer can add traffic management intelligence to existing hardware load balancing solutions.