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Viking Software Solutions http://www.vikingsoft.com/

offers professional data entry software that allows you to enter data up to nine times as fast and with twice the accuracy of databases, spreadsheets or the indexing module that comes with most imaging systems.


Advantage Database Server http://resolution.extendedsystems.com/ADS/default.htm

Advantage Database Server is a full-featured, high performance client/server data management system for stand-alone, networked, internet, and mobile database applications.  Advantage is specifically designed to the needs of business application developers and allows developers to easily deploy robust applications with complete control of data integrity, multiple-user concurrency and data security.  With no ongoing administration or requirements for a DBA, Advantage provides all database functionality developers require without the high costs of other database products.  For those wanting robust database solutions without high costs or trade-offs in functionality- Advantage is the alternative of choice. http://resolution.extendedsystems.com/ADS/Product+Detail/Product+Line+Overview/default.htm