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Questia - The Online Library of Books and Journals

The Collection

Building the Questia Collection
The Questia collection is designed to support undergraduate study in the humanities and social sciences. The titles selected are a reflection of the philosophy that new scholars benefit greatly from convenient access to a moderately-sized collection of enduring intellectual value. The collection is not intended to provide comprehensive support for all types of research. Our goal is to develop a collection that provides substantial coverage of high quality information for most post-secondary core curriculum course assignments as well as provide the opportunity for learners of all ages to grow intellectually and explore the world around them.

Selection Criteria
Titles are selected by professional librarians with years of experience in collection and access issues. Subject coverage is continually reviewed using a mixture of traditional and innovative techniques. Criteria for shaping the collection includes identifying notable books, widely-cited titles, widely-held titles, recommendations from faculty and librarians, titles from reputable commercial and academic presses, citation analysis, etc. Standard review sources as well as specially designed selection services are used. Titles selected are primarily English-language titles. Depth of coverage within a discipline varies according to the needs of the Questia users.

Factors considered in individual title selection include:

Intellectual freedom is an important tenet of collection management. Questia fully supports the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights and The Freedom to Read statement.

Preservation and Access
Material included in the Questia collection is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Content is archived in adherence with best practices for long-term retention of digital research resources.