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Founded in March 2000, Atomic Dog Publishing started with a fresh, new idea in an antiquated industry. We were determined to build a new type of college textbook publishing company. We began by breaking down books into their basic parts–their atomic parts–as it was clear that these components could be recombined to create a new and better kind of publication by using the rich capabilities of digital media. That is the atomic in Atomic Dog. We also wanted to build a company that embodied loyalty, energy, and fight–the dog in Atomic Dog. Our employees, investors, authors, and customers relate to these qualities and capture our spirit as a New Breed Publisher™.

Atomic Dog blends online content delivery, interactive multimedia components, and print to form a completely unique learning and teaching tool. Our online textbooks (New Breed Textbooks™) contain interactive elements that allow instructors and students to customize their text to meet course objectives and fit individual learning styles. Identical core content found in the online edition is also available in the print edition with iconic references to interactive material found online.

>We give authors and instructors a clear content alternative with college textbooks, while providing students superior choice and value. That’s our mission. Ultimately, our hope is that our publications, like great dogs, become your best friends. That’s the history we’re creating at Atomic Dog Publishing. As a new publisher, we depend on our customers’ input. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.


Atomic Dog Publishing
1148 Main Street, 3rd Floor
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202