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The new Bibliotheca Alexandrina is to be:

The window of the world on Egypt.

The window of Egypt on the world.

An instrument for rising to the digital challenge.

A center for dialogue between peoples and civilizations.

The Library will seek to establish itself as an international center of excellence in some chosen fields, to which the collections strategy shall be directed:
First, the of Alexandria, Alexandria and Egypt.
Second, the Mediterranean, the Arab world (without duplicating other efforts underway) and Africa. Then the rest of the world.
In terms of thematic focus, whether in collections or in organizing seminars and dialogues, we have identified four main themes:

Science (with a special emphasis on the ethics of science and technology).
Humanities (with special emphasis on the new scholarship and historical studies).
Arts and culture (with a special emphasis on intercultural dialogue and criticism).
Development (with a special emphasis on water and gender)

t will also be challenging to link up electronically with the rest of the world. We are starting on putting together a complex web of agreements to bring the marvels of the digital age to all parts of Egypt and the region, and to bring the fruits of Egyptian creativity and scholarship to the new digital world of instant communication and electronic publishing.