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Department of Commerce

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The Department of Commerce has actively pursued the use of the Internet for conducting business on-line. Not only do we provide information that is helpful and informative, but we also offer the opportunity to apply for fishing permits, export licenses, grants, patents and trademarks, and to complete survey forms.

Organizational Chart

Bureau of Industry and Security
The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is at the cutting edge of many challenging and important issues involving national security and high technology. A principal challenge for the bureau is helping stop proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, while furthering the growth of U.S. exports.

Economics and Statistics Administration
The Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) produces, analyzes and disseminates some of the nation's most important economic and demographic data.

Bureau of Economic Analysis
The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) provides the most comprehensive statistical picture available of the U.S. economy.

Bureau of the Census
The Bureau of the Census - known as "the nation's fact finder" - conducts the decennial census of population and housing, demographic and economic censuses, and more than 200 annual surveys, many of them for other government agencies.

Economic Development Administration
he Economic Development Administration (EDA) provides grants to economically-distressed communities to generate new employment, help retain existing jobs and stimulate industrial and commercial growth.

International Trade Administration
The International Trade Administration (ITA) is the lead unit for trade in the Department of Commerce. It promotes U.S. exports of manufactured goods, nonagricultural commodities and services.

Minority Business Development Agency
The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) promotes growth and competitiveness of the nation's minority-owned businesses.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is dedicated to predicting and protecting the environment. NOAA's overall mission is two-fold: (1) environmental assessment and prediction--to observe and assess the state of our environment, while protecting public safety and the Nation's economic and environmental security through accurate forecasting; and (2) environmental stewardship--protect ocean, coastal and living marine resources while assisting their economic development.

National Telecommunications & Information Administration
The National Telecommunications and Information
Administration (NTIA), an Executive Branch agency within the Department of Commerce, is the President's principal adviser on domestic and
international telecommunications policy, including policies relating to the nation's economic and technological advancement in telecommunications. Accordingly, NTIA makes recommendations regarding telecommunications policies and presents Executive Branch views on
telecommunications matters to the Congress, the Federal Communications Commission (Commission), and the public. NTIA, through the Office of Spectrum Management, is also responsible for managing the federal
government's use of the radio frequency spectrum.

Patent and Trademark Office
PTO provides patent and trademark protection to inventors and businesses for their inventions and corporate and product identification. Through preservation, classification and dissemination of patent information, PTO encourages innovation and the scientific and technical advancement of American industry.

Technology Administration

The Technology Administration (TA) leads civilian technology for Commerce and works with U.S. industries to promote economic competitiveness.

    National Institute of Standards & Technology

    National Technical Information Service