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Major Roy James Blakeley (USAF; KIA Vietnam: July 22, 1965) - my father

Lori Ann Blakeley (June 20, 1985 - May 4, 2005) - my daughter

Evan Blakeley- my son

Digital Document Creation

Text Documents http://www.larryblakeley.com/products/text_creation/office_suites.htm

What's been one of the most significant affects of the "digital word processing"? Simple - more paper. It's everywhere. It's so much easier now to print documents, so we do. And, the stacks just seem to be building up right in front of our eyes - no matter how much "paper pushing" we seem to do. But, it's not the stacks that present so much of the problem. Rather, it's the amount of time that each of us waste trying to find documents within that stack. And, further the bigger the stack - the more paperwork searching efforts are required.

Anyone that does not consider this costly to a company, whether large or small family-owned, is just flat-out "wrong." It costs dearly.

It's a problem that can only be mediated somewhat by "scanning documents" that are already in hard copy and organizing, etc. those already in digital format.

Scanned Documents http://www.larryblakeley.com/products/image_creation/document_imaging.htm

Data Creation


Design, design, design - the most important stage of database creation here. http://www.larryblakeley.com/products/data_creation/database_design.htm

Building tables, queries, forms, and reports - "Running Microsoft Access 2000," John Viescas, Microsoft Press (1999) ISBN: 1-57231-934-8 (1,025 pages).

Oil and Gas Asset Management visual pictorial

DjVu (9 KB file size) - (Visio flowchart) http://www.larryblakeley.com/products/data_creation/oil_gas_database.djvu

DjVu (Access database relationship flowchart) http://www.larryblakeley.com/products/data_creation/relationships_oil_gas_database.djvu

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