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AllLearn: Alliance for LifeLong Learning (University of Oxford, Stanford University, Yale University)

AllLearn offers top-quality, non-credit distance learning programs to students of all ages. Programs combine elements of taking classes in person with the advantages of learning at your home or office. Our programs offer online access to an instructor and encourage interaction with fellow students while accommodating the busy schedules of our students. AllLearn classes utilize traditional elements, such as books and expert teachers, as well as electronic media such as audio CDs, CD-ROMs, videotapes, streaming media, message boards, and live chats. Classes repeat year round and range from 90-minute faculty forums to 10-week courses - and a lot more in between.

We also offer a free online library of Academic Directories and Learning Guides. Created by academic specialists, the AllLearn library is an indispensable tool for online research and self-guided learning.


AllLearn, an online learning consortium among Oxford, Stanford, and Yale universities, was formed in September 2000 to provide the highest quality, college level online courses and educational offerings. Our students are from all over the world and have diverse backgrounds, representing over 30 countries and all age groups. By October 2002, AllLearn offered over 50 online courses, 20 academic directories, and 40 learning guides.

All of our courses have been developed by faculty from Oxford, Stanford, and Yale universities. Online forums feature faculty members from the three institutions as well as faculty members from affiliate institutions. Day-to-day course activities are led by Online Instructors, experienced subject-matter experts, who facilitate online discussions and the overall course experience.

Affiliate Program

AllLearn invites other academic institutions to be a part of its learning community by offering AllLearn programs to their alumni. No financial commitment is required from affiliate institutions. Many affiliate institutions serve on AllLearn's advisory board. For further information on the affiliate program, please contact Affiliate@AllLearn.org.