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Welcome to the International Relations and Security Network (ISN), the integrated knowledge network for security and defense policy professionals.

The ISN is a unique instrument that links and supports research institutes, international organizations, and professionals working in the security community. It offers an electronic platform for the generation and dissemination of knowledge, as well as facilitates information exchange, dialogue, and cooperative interaction that reaches around the globe. To read the ISN's Vision paper (PDF 1.7MB), click here.

The ISN has established and maintains close relationships with over 80 international partner institutes - research institutes, governments, and non-government organizations - and continues to foster new partnerships and expand its network. The ISN team consists of over 40 staff members.

This extensive partnership network that the ISN has developed over the past nine years provides the international security community - including academics, civil servants, and civil society representatives - with unparalleled access to knowledge management tools, information services, educational and training activities, conferences and seminars.

The Center for Security Studies at the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), with the generous support of the Swiss Federal Government, works for the success of the ISN's academic integrity and quality research services in this era of rapid technological change. We encourage you to take advantage of our free services and to participate actively in the further development of the network


The Publishing House


About the Publishing House

The Publishing House is the first ISN service to make use of the new Knowledge Management System (KMS) currently being developed. The KMS is a powerful software application framework that seeks to improve the way in which international relations and security-related content is classified, stored, retrieved, and shared.

You can now access content by browsing through the relevant region and subject categories or by clicking on those keywords most relevant to you in the classification tree of the advanced search.

In keeping with ISN policy, all Publishing House content remains free to access and download. Publications are available either in full-text or as individual chapters (documents). Each series, publication, and document has been catalogued and classified to enable you to find the content most relevant to your research interests.

All documents are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader you can download it here for free.

This is the first step in a period of change at the ISN. Over the next year all ISN content will be migrated to the KMS, allowing you to find the most important news stories, feature articles, links, and publications on over 2,500 subjects and all of the world's countries and regions. We are also working closely with our partner organizations to make their content available through the KMS and are actively seeking the participation of new partners in this venture.