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I manage this Web site and the following Web sites: Leslie (Blakeley) Adkins - my oldest daughter

Lori Ann Blakeley (June 20, 1985 - May 4, 2005) - my middle daughter

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The Center for Electronic Imaging Systems (CEIS) is one of 15 NYSTAR sponsored Centers for Advanced Technology (CATs) devoted to promoting economic development in the greater Rochester region and New York State. CEIS carries out its mission by developing and transferring technology to industry for commercialization and by educating the next generation of leaders in the fields of electronic imaging and microelectronics design. CEIS is one of the only 5 CATs which are enhanced or expanded to provide additional research in a specific area.

The Center for Advanced Technology in Electronic Imaging Systems (CAT-EIS) http://www.larryblakeley.com/Imaging/CAT_EIS.htm integrates the world-class electronic imaging research competencies at the University of Rochester, the Rochester Institute of Technology and Cornell University with the product development and commercialization capabilities of CEIS industrial members.

The Microelectronics Design Center (MDC) http://www.ceis.rochester.edu/ceis/mdc/index.html links faculty at 12 New York State Universities to improve the current condition in microelectronic circuit design research and to enable the development of new and improved integrated circuits.

- "The Center for Electronic Imaging Systems: Imaging in the Information Age," Nicholas George and Carol Neufeld George, University of Rochester - an article describing the fundamental principles upon which the CEIS was founded, the management structure of the Center, new approaches to engineering education within the Center, and the emphasis on research and technology transfer. (PDF version here http://www.larryblakeley.com/Imaging/nicholas_george_carol_george.pdf)