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File Name: email_from_jef_raskin20041025.txt

Subject: Re: "... fabricators of unearned accomplishments."
From: Jef Raskin <jef@jefraskin.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 17:33:51 -0700
To: Larry Blakeley <larry at larryblakeley.com>


Thanks for your note.


File Name: email_to_jef_raskin20041025.txt

Subject: "... fabricators of unearned accomplishments."
From: Larry Blakeley <larry at larryblakeley.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 18:27:13 -0500
To: Jef Raskin <jef@jefraskin.com>

"... Having introduced the concept of human interface development as a discipline at Apple, and being one of the early observers of the work at Xerox’s famous Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), I have subsequently been astonished, amazed, disappointed, and at times upset by what I’ve read. Even the prestigious Harvard Business Review got the basic facts of the origin of the Macintosh interface nearly backwards. This is especially distressing since Harvard teaches business partly through case studies. Fed fictions as facts, it is not unreasonable to fear that the students’ understanding may suffer accordingly. Occasionally, I have written a letter to correct one or another error that appeared in print. Sometimes these letters had the effect of influencing future articles, sometimes they disappeared without a trace, and once or twice they were loudly refuted by people who hadn’t been there and had no documentation behind their theories....

Along with oversimplification, using secondary sources, being weak on background, a lack of attention to detail, getting taken in by the halo effect, and a general attitude problem among some of the people who have reported on the history of technology, there has been a belief in things happening by magic. Intense intellectual effort and in-depth technical expertise vanish to be replaced by tales of inspiration and guesswork. The legend tells us that scholarship and hard work are not necessary in order to usher in a new age. Yet the same legends speak with awe of the 80+ hour-per-week grind of the faithful, driven employees. What were they doing all those hours? Drop out, turn on, assume the lotus position, eat jelly beans, have pizza-and-beer parties and fortune will surely follow, sing the storytellers. The truth lies elsewhere.... - "Holes In The Histories," Jef Raskin, http://humane.sourceforge.net/published/holes.html

I suppose I had better look over some of the computer/internet history info/links at my Web site http://www.larryblakeley.com

I despise lies - lies to further the legacy of nothing more than "fabricators of unearned accomplishments" in an attempt to alter the truths of history."

Best Regards,

Larry Blakeley
Dallas, Texas