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Today, more than ever, senior executives and managers in corporate America and government agencies have ample reason to move records management to the top of their agendas. Managers need look no further than the daily headlines to realize that failing to take records management seriously is no longer an option. Organizational accountability depends on it, laws and regulations compel it, shareholders and citizens demand it, and effective business processes require it. Whether it is the FBI admitting that it misplaced documents germane to the Oklahoma City bombing, or a stockbroker deleting email in violation of a court order, it is clear that records management has never been more important or more challenging than it is now.

This paper examines the



ance of records management for corporations and government agencies. It also explores the consequences of failing to take seriously the need to update and expand records retention practices to address information technology. Finally, it provides an overview of an approach to records management that can help organizations promote and protect their business and legal interests.

- "Records Management Redefined From the Backroom to the Boardroom: Managing Content to Improve Efficiency and Accountability," Randolph A. Kahn and Barclay T. Blair, KCI Library http://www.kahnconsultinginc.com/library/index.htm, Kahn Consulting Inc. http://www.kahnconsultinginc.com/, November 30, 2004

Note: This report was drafted by Randolph Kahn, ESQ. & Barclay T. Blair of Kahn Consulting, Inc., at the request of Legato Systems.

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File URL (PDF) http://www.kahnconsultinginc.com/library/KCIWhitepaper-RecordsManagementRedefined-Legato.pdf

Post Date: June 8, 2005 at 10:40 AM CDT; 1540 GMT