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A new generation of broadband, or "gigabit networks," can mean significant benefits to the United States, but our nation must act promptly to ensure that such an infrastructure is ubiquitous and available to all. If we do not act, the consequence will be to relegate the U.S. telecommunications infrastructure to an inferior competitive position, thus undermining the future of our country's economy. This issue demands the attention of policymakers as well as the public at large.

Accordingly, this paper briefly covers the nature of gigabit networks and the telecommunications infrastructure, followed by principles that should be observed in achieving these new networks. The rest of the paper presents key propositions that establish the benefits, and hence the need, to build out such networks, and it explores the competitive threat from other countries and some current U.S. broadband initiatives.

In short, the paper advocates widespread deployment of wired and wireless gigabit networks as a national priority, to be facilitated by legislative and regulatory action, and achieved through mobilization of resources by users and incumbent suppliers alike.

- "Providing Ubiquitous Gigabit Networks in the United States," IEEE-USA Committee on Communications and Information Policy (CCIP) http://www.ieeeusa.com, March 14, 2005 http://www.ieeeusa.org/volunteers/committees/ccip/docs/Gigabit-WP.pdf

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