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[Beware of this type of service. Why? Because anytime that you turn over to someone else knowledge of your activities on the internet and world wide web, you are placing trust in an entity that is "profit motivated". No profits, no company. Personally, I have been using Powermarks by Kaylon Technologies for many years. It has met my needs for creating, organizing, and maintaining records of my favorite websites http://www.kaylon.com/power.html You can download a trial version and see if you like it.]

"Amazon.com has officially taken the wraps off its Internet search engine, joining the contest to unseat No. 1 provider Google. A9.com, an independent unit of the Internet retailer, released a new version of its Web site late Tuesday night. The service greatly expands on early features of A9, which launched in test form in April, by turning it into a centralized server to power personalized Web search. To this end, A9 lets people navigate, annotate and store Web pages they've visited, and like TiVo, will recommend sites based on users' past preferences."

- "Amazon unveils Internet search engine", Stefanie Olsen, Staff Writer, CNET News.com http://news.com.com/2100-1024-5367133.html


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Post Date: September 15, 2004 at 6:55 AM CDT; 1155 GMT

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Purpose of re-post: Since I did mention some computer maintenance programs that I have used for years in my article: "Gitty-Up, Gone," Larry Blakeley, October 27, 2004 - I thought maybe I had better point out "Powermarks" - especially to those that do a lot of research over the internet and want something that I believe is very versatile - I have used this product for my researching activities for many years and very pleased with it.