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More than 15 new models were introduced this year, many setting new benchmarks in performance and value. Here's our take on strengths, weaknesses and the scanners that stand out.

In short, the best values are invariably found in the ranks of the newest scanners. That's why we're bringing you our third annual roundup of the strengths, weaknesses and standouts among the latest models.

Big Things From Small Scanners

New Values in Low-Volume Scanning

Centralized Scanning Rolls On

Low Prices Meet the High End

How to Buy a Scanner (also see Document Imaging http://www.larryblakeley.com/products/image_creation/document_imaging.htm)

- "Document Scanner Guide 2004," Ralph Gammon and Doug Henschen, Transform Magazine http://www.imagingmagazine.com/, December 1, 2004, Volume 13, Number 12 Issue.

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