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Oil and Gas Royalty and Non-Working Interest Database - Blakeley
Larry Blakeley <larry at larryblakeley.com>
Mon, 20 Sep 2004 13:01:21 -0500
Lynn Diel <ldiel@coxinet.net>, Richard Chapman <rhchapman@coxinet.net>

Your server will not accept these files due to a size limitation on your end. If you should want them let me know and I will put them in a folder on my website for a "one-time" download of each of these, then I will delete them.


Attached hereto is my database that I have stripped client revenue and expense data out of, except I have left generic data in the tables for names/address; county and states codes. I have also attached a PDF file of the relationships of the tables that make up this Oil and Gas Management System that shows the linking and overall structure of this entire database.

NARO is free to distribute this to its members with the understanding that they are on their own and not to use this for re-sell as a commercial product. I would appreciate reference to my name and website http://www.larryblakeley.com as the person that is giving this away "gratis".

There are many books that your members can find in the bookstores that will help them and are good for reference lookup.

I suggest that NARO make a master copy for safe keeping and advise your members to do the same - then use "trial and error" with the copy in order to learn it better. Also, any data from Excel with the same Column Headings will copy and paste into the respective database table nicely - and vice versa to Excel for calculations, etc.

I use QuickBooks for the deposit amounts and dates, but no further detail then I use the appropriate table for listing the check info, copy it to Excel for double checking the net amount and check numbers, etc. I do the same procedure with my check writes for invoice payments. All table data for each occurrence needs to tier back up to the Quickbooks deposit by deposit and check write by check write.


Larry Blakeley
Dallas, Texas
larry at larryblakeley.com