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Frode Hegland, a researcher at University College London, wants to change the basic structure of information on the net.

Hegland's project, Liquid Information http://www.liquidinformation.org/, is kinda like Wikipedia meets hypertext. In Hegland's web, all documents are editable, and every word is a potential hyperlink.

"I love the web, but it's a shitty toy," declared Hegland. "(It's) a first movie of a train coming into a station."

Hegland's idea is simple - he plans to move beyond the basic hypertext linking of the web, and change every word into a "hyperword." Instead of one or two links in a document, every single word becomes a link. Further, every link can point to more than one place, pulling up all kinds of background context from the web as a whole.

"We feel that a large part of the history of technology, digital and otherwise, has been about the production of information," Hegland said. "It's time to focus on consumption, to help people navigate through information and get relevant information into their heads."

- "Information Wants to be Liquid," Jason Walsh, Wired News http://www.wired.com, January 25, 2005, http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,66382,00.htm

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