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The wall-to-wall ads, narrowcasting and the growing disgust of consumers ... where will it lead? The finale of The Persuaders suggests a kind of zero-sum game, with Americans increasingly unable to separate themselves from a consumer culture they are unwillingly immersed in.

"The best case is that we become so nauseous with living this way that we begin to reach out to one another," Rushkoff said. "We see that with people moving out of cities and trying to reconnect to the land, and with kids who are engaged in a desperate search for authenticity.

"There is a profound human urge to connect with other people. I hope that those whose business it is to disconnect and fragment us to sell us products will ultimately be doing so at their own peril. I hope people's need to connect with one another is stronger than their need to get more stuff."

- "Stop Trying to Persuade Us," Jason Silverman, WiredNews.com

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