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(Speaking at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel President Paul Otellin) "Dual-core chips, which Intel has pledged to bring out in significant numbers next year, will boost the overall performance of PCs and allow them to run different jobs simultaneously--such as watching a video and surfing the Web at the same time. He said 40 percent of desktop chips and 70 percent of notebooks chips that Intel ships in 2006 will be dual-core. Of server chips, 85 percent will be dual-core, he added. Right now, dual-core chips are standard in high-end servers, but not the mainstream machines, most of which use Intel chips. IBM began the dual-core drive in 2001 with its Power4-based servers, while Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard followed suit this year.

Intel cautioned that Vanderpool, as well as a set of security technologies known as LeGrande, won't come until Microsoft ships the next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, in 2006."

- "For Intel, the future has two cores," Ina Fried and Stephen Shankland, Staff Writer, (John Spooner, contributor), CNET News.com,

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