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Digital technology is spawning digital pack rats, and Peter Lyman, a University of California-Berkeley professor of Information Management and Systems, comments: "It's like an infinite attic, and we're filling it. People are feeling overwhelmed and trying to find coping strategies." Lyman's new study of personal media consumption has found that 90% of those surveyed have at least two e-mail addresses -- and that half of them complain about problems with managing e-mail volume. Barry J. Izsak of the National Association of Professional Organizers says, "Technology was supposed to make (life) simpler, but for many it's made it more complicated. It's much easier to save way more than you need because it is so easy. This has become major." Ed Schlesinger of the Data Storage Systems Center at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh warns: "We are approaching a time, maybe five years from now, when we will demonstrate technology that will allow you to store a small image of every man, woman and child on the planet on one CD-size disc. If I can do that, do you think I'm going to bother deleting that one photo of the kids?" What's the answer to that question?

- "We are becoming digital pack rats: Ease of electronic storage tempts us to keep more stuff," Don Fernandez, Cox News Service, Indianapolis Star, 30 August, 2004

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