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"If you are going to use the digital worlds tools of computers, broadband (bandwidth), and surfing for information through the internet's virtual world of the world wide web - there are going to be a whole lot of folks making big $$$ off of your lack of understanding of this digital world.

As an example of a typical internet user - my Mother (bless her heart - I love her, dearly) - but, she has absolutely no idea what's going on in any one of the three platforms mentioned above - nor does she want to know. She just wants to view my Web sites and send and receive email from family and friends. And, that's fine.

But, when you start using software that you know has had a history of being violated and compromised by folks from the outside world - you had better listen up, especially with your very personal information such as credit card numbers, expiration dates, and, even your address books of names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of friends and family - most of whom might not be too happy that you had compromised this information about them.

Some of us - like my Mother - might seriously consider employing web services (application service providers) for use of software programs for financial accounting and any other needs that require the use of personal information that needs to be guarded by experts." - Larry Blakeley


Joint AOL/ NCSA Online Safety Study Finds That:

77% Think They Are Safe from Online Threats But…

67% of Computers Lack Current Anti-Virus Software, 1 in 5 Are Infected with Virus

80% of Home Computers Infected with Spyware/ Adware;

88% Didn't Know They Were Infected

49% of Broadband Users Lack Any Firewall Protection

- "AOL/NCSA Online Safety Study: Largest In-Home Study of Home Computer Users Shows Major Online Threats, Perception Gap," Press Release, staysafeonline.info, October 25, 2004

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Post Date: October 26, 2004 at 9:30 AM CDT; 1430 GMT