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I suppose it's time to break-away from devoting all of my time to my "labor of love" Web site at http://www.royblakeley.name and tend to the flock a little.

Maybe I should devote this time I have allocated to the flock by disclosing to others what "products" that I use to keep my desktop computers (2 Windows XP's; 1 RedHat Linux desktop; and, an old standby Windows 98 for journeying back to the future) up and running, as if they were the same frisky "little fellas" they were when I first purchased them (unless, of course, you've been hanging on to that 5-year old box of yours - I have - don't throw it away - not just yet. You may be able to use it - I'll cover that at the end of this article).

- "Gitty-Up, Gone," Larry Blakeley, October 27, 2004.

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