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[This article (and accompanying email) will teach you some history of the beginning of desktop publishing from the computer, for both me and the industry that happened to coincide together.

And, besides my mother wants to know where I learned how to do these things! She has taken numerous computer courses and still reaches for the power cord - all too often.

So, here is the story - for her and the rest of the readers.]

It all started in the summer of 1984 - twenty years ago, now. The Apple IIc had just come out and was priced somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000. I really wanted the Macintosh, but could not afford it - but, man the user interface really pulled me over to it, believe me.]

So, I reluctantly (and, with some feelings of “feeling sorry for myself” as I paid for that “little fella”) I purchased the IIc instead.


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