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The information contained on the webpage file referenced below needs to be re-cycled back to this area. I have done a tremendous amount of research, predominately on the system of Information and Knowledge Management.  Because I did not know any better, as an inexperienced internet and world wide web researcher I read through tons of information contained on commercial/marketing/google-type whitepapers. And, when I realized that there needed to be more "theoretical" viewpoints to become aware of I migrated to academic studies/research reports.  And, the only place I could find them was on individual academic/professor websites. Sure, I could have bought each article I read - if I had the money to burn - at a price of $20 an article. But, I did not see the need to do that. So, I had to spend another tremendous amount of time searching on these websites looking for answers to my questions. Sometimes, the professor posts a copy of a personal website, but just as many times he (or she) referred me to the publisher (to pay!).

I was astounded by what's happening under the table, out of sight from the public.  Some universities (Stanford, and others) have balked at the continuous escalation of subscription prices. But what concerns me most are the following questions that are remain unanswered for me:

Are companies like The Thomson Company and Reed-Elsevior going to have a "lock-in" on information that essentially was funded by the American public/taxpayor?

Are commercial publishers and the academic community playing an unethical game of wanting their "cake and eating it too?"

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